Privacy Policy

This document will outline how we, Space Wizards Federation, collect and handle your data. Here are the first-party services we manage for Space Station 14 (SS14), covered by this privacy policy:

SS14 Authentication Hub
Manages your SS14 account and is used by the official launcher whenever you play on servers.
Wizard's Den SS14 servers
Official game servers (named "Wizard's Den") ran by us. Only relevant if you actually connect and play on these servers.
SS14 Forums
Official forums for SS14. Only relevant if you connect to these forums.

Authentication Hub Privacy Policy

This section of the privacy policy applies if you use our official SS14 authentication server and/or launcher.

We collect only data you enter into the website or launcher to register your account and/or change your account preferences:

We use your email address to confirm validity of your account and may send you necessary emails for administration of the authentication server in the future. We will not send you any form of marketing or promotional emails.

Your email address and/or username can be used to log you in into our services, combined with your password of course.

The following data is considered public information that may be queried for or shared to game servers you play on:

We do not share any other data such as your email address (via game servers or API) without your explicit consent.

Game Server Privacy Policy

This section of the privacy policy applies only if you play on our first-party SS14 servers.

Some terminology used in this section:

Hardware ID (HWID)
A hashed identifier generated from your computer's hardware or OS installation.

We log all connections you make to our game servers, storing IP address, HWID and account UUID/name used to connect. All in-game actions you take may also be logged, only directly associated with your account UUID/name. We also store all data you explicitly enter such as your character preferences in-game.

Connection logs (including IP/HWID) are shared with trusted server administrators for enforcement of server rules such as, but not limited to, enforcing server bans. Connection logs are not shared publically.

Logs of in-game actions may be made public for anybody to view, once again for the purposes of rule enforcement. This includes private conversations had with server administrators in-game.

Forum Privacy Policy

This section of the privacy policy applies only if you use our first-party forum.

We store all data you submit on the forum.

Your forum account is directly tied to your main SS14 account, and forum administrators have access to data such as your email address necessary for the forum to function.

We also store IP addresses associated with actions such as posts or spam defense logs for up to 30 days.


See our contact page for any questions you may have.